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Saturday, September 30, 2006


I was excited about buttons....

BIG news.
SERVER SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's true. Today while working on Freewebs I got a message that made me unhappy. Basically unless I payed I could only have 100 files, and I reached that. I couldn't do anything more.
That made me sad, because by then I was in a code mode.

So I did it. I decided to buy SERVER SPACE!

So the old freewebs URL.... It'll just tell you we have moved.

We are now officially 100%!


Yes, I have finally done it.... I have made BUTTONS! :)
I'm still working on ones for the home, but for redirecting back to things there are buttons, and that's a start. :) Looks better than lines of text saying "Back to home!" at the bottom of every page....

I'm also once again looking into server space. I'm also looking for a job.... But once I get a job I'm hoping to get server space. :)

Now.... To see if I can get this template to have my home button at the bottom. ;)

Friday, September 29, 2006


Clearly it's been a while since I updated. Life happens.... Sometimes it's chaotic.

I did add some more lyrics today.... So I'm working on it. :)